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Meet Lyn...

  • Trance Medium

  • Medium

  • Psychotherapist (MBACP)

  • NLP Practitioner 

  • NLP Coach 

  • NLP Hypnotherapist 

  • Psychodramatic Body Work Therapist 

  • Psychodramatic Bodywork UK Trainer

  • Sound Therapist 

  • Past  Life Regression Facilitator

"You are much more than you have yet, dared or dreamed yourself to be!"

Welcome to my website!

I have worked with, and been aware of the presence of Spirit,

since a child.

I would often get "feelings" about things and be able to sense or see

Spirit beings from a very young age. 

This has never left me. It is a great joy to me to be able to connect

with my Spirit friends, and bring comfort

to others through utilising my gift of Mediumship.

I began training as a Deep Trance Medium in 2001.

This was when my journey with Eapaeh began.

You can read more about our journey together on this site.

Together we are on a mission to

help assist you to find your true path in life, and to show you that

you are much more than you have yet dared, or

dreamed yourself to be!

My belief is that with determination and inner self exploration, 

you can achieve

those dreams and aspirations,

that you / we often keep hidden from the world.

I can honestly say, I love what I do!




I also work as a Psychotherapist, and am trained in many modalities.

If you are feeling stuck emotionally, spiritually or

in a career that no longer fulfils you, my style of working

may help assist you!


Part of my job is to assist you in bringing forward

what you need to work through,

and to support your healing journey.

This can be through talking and / or using creative techniques to

give voice to those things we find hard saying out loud.


I work in the UK, and abroad.

I am an NLP, Time Based Technique and Hypnotherapy Practitioner,

NLP Coach and Sound Therapist,

and bring these practices into my therapeutic work

In my Psychotherapy practice,

I have worked with clients experiencing some of the following:

Trauma, generational trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction,

childhood abuse, relationship difficulties, bereavement,

loss of direction in career choices or spirituality;

including spiritual development, and listening and becoming more

in tune

with our intuition and souls purpose.

I also run residential workshops, weekend and day workshops and,

co-lead therapy groups.

I very much look forward to working with you, and I hope

this gives you an idea of some of the work I can offer you.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves

be seen." 

Brene Brown

Some Themes That I Specialize In



Deep Trance Mediumship

Spiritual Development 

Emotional Education



Trauma Work & Unresolved Childhood issues:

including physical, emotional & sexual abuse

Setting new goals, dreams and finding your purpose


To take one small step,

to trust what is set out before us, is truly a wondrous thing...

Small steps leave footprints

in our own heart, mind and soul...

"No-one ever got me before.

I was really sad before this.

I'm glad you came to work with me. 


I don't think I'll forget you, even when I'm a man."

-Dylan, Aged 10

"What you do with Eapaeh is Amazing, life changing... 

I was so lost, and I feel like I have a purpose again.

What you do is such a gift, I can't find the words to thank you enough... Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


" You made me feel safe. Being able to share some of the things I've held inside about what happened to me has been immense. I no longer feel like I'm going mad. I can't thank you enough."

- Joyce, Aged 82

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