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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Sessions are usually 2 hours in length.

These sessions help us to uncover and heal anxieties, old soul contracts and fears, that we cannot place to our current lifetime situation...That feeling of, "why do I feel this way?", "why am I so afraid to do this?". The unexplained feelings that we may have that we cannot link to this current lifetime.

Revisiting the past life, where the experience / trauma occurred, may help heal a present day situation, and create a sense of peace, understanding and resolution for the immediate now.

In these sessions, we focus firstly on relaxation. Clients are "awake" to what is happening and are able to easily return to the present moment. Slowly, using regression techniques, we are able to journey together to glean the wisdom needed for the current situation.

They are powerful healing sessions.

Please contact me for further information. 


I offer remote sessions on Zoom or face to face.


My regular fee is: £50 per hour.

I have found that working via video call or the telephone, is just as effective as working face to face with these sessions.



Image by Filip Kominik

"Reincarnation is a dance. It is a movement of life to the rhythm of the universe. Spirit and matter join together as one dancing partner. They dance and it goes on forever......"

F. Lenz

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